Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene & Hazardous Waste Mgmt Training

Welcome to the Laboratory Safety, Chemical Hygiene and Hazardous Waste Management Safety Training webpage. Please use the links on this page to identify and complete courses for working safely in a laboratory with chemicals. You will also be able to find courses to maintain compliance with regulations for hazardous waste. It is important to complete all safety training courses prior to working in a laboratory. You may find other safety training courses onĀ RASCAL.

Initial Safety Training (RASCAL or Zoom):

(TC4951) Initial Laboratory Safety/Chemical Hygiene/Hazardous Waste TrainingĀ - as shown on your appendix/protocol

Refresher Training (RASCAL/SABA/Department):

(TC0950) Lab Safety, Chemical Hygiene, and Hazardous Waste Management Refresher Training - This is a refresher course only. If this is your first time taking Laboratory Safety, you need to take TC4951. This course must be renewed every two years.