Managing a Research Group

Below are resources for anyone conducting research, mentoring researchers or planning to lead a research group

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Principal investigators may find it beneficial to develop a standard operating procedures (SOPs) document or lab manual to be distributed to all group members. Below are some examples of what other principal investigators from Columbia and other institutions have created. Free SOP consulting and drafting services are available for Columbia PIs. Request your consultation today!

These tutorials are intended to be a resource for those conducting research that requires them to maintain a notebook, manage data and store samples. These tutorials are also available to Columbia researchers on Rascal; in the event a Columbia PI wishes to make the completion of these tutorials a requirement, Rascal can generate a certificate that demonstrates completion.

There are a number of action items that need to be completed before a researcher leaves a research group. Below are some resources to help a PI ensure they obtain the necessary data and protocols before a group member leaves the University, as well as procedures when a PI is vacating laboratory space.

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Why Consider a Written Manual for Your Research Group?

Whether you call it a lab manual, an on-boarding document, or standard operating procedures, a written document can streamline research processes and ensure high-quality research. The document should include your expectations for conducting research (including quality controls) and maintaining data. Other principal investigators have found these documents useful for communicating with their group members. 

Not sure where to start? The ReaDI Program is available to help you draft your own group manual. 

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