Schedule of Town Halls on New NIH Biosketches and Other Support Format Pages

On March 12, NIH announced significant changes to the Biographical Sketch and Other Support format pages.  Among other things, these changes will require principal investigators and senior/key persons to:

  • provide significantly more information about their activities than before; and
  • include translated copies of certain Other Support documentation, e.g., agreements related to non-U.S.  appointments; and
  • certify the accuracy of all Other Support submissions.   

Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) and the Office of Research Compliance and Training (ORCT) will be hosting several town halls to review the new instructions and forms with the Columbia research community.  We strongly encourage NIH applicants, researchers and administrators to attend one session on the Biosketches and another on the Other Support format pages. We will also offer sessions on the Science Experts Network Curriculum Vitae (SciENcv), NIH’s system to assist you with creating an NIH or NSF Biosketch. SciENcv is optional at this time, but offers many benefits, which you can read about here.

See below to register. Please only use a Columbia-affiliated email address to register (no Gmail, etc.). Other types of email addresses will be rejected and asked to re-register.

Slides from the sessions will be made available afterwards on the dedicated NIH Researcher Disclosure Requirements webpage as part of the Science & Security website.

Please feel free to send questions about these webinars to me at [email protected]. As always, feel free to send questions about these forms to your SPA Project Officer.


Editor's note:

UPDATE: Per April 20, 2021 announcement, the town halls previously scheduled for April 21, 2021 have been postponed.

March 26, 2021

Schedule of Town Halls with Registration Information