Rascal PT 3.0 Update: Enhancements

Based on user feedback, two new enhancements have been incorporated into Rascal Proposal Tracking (PT) 3.0:

  1. Ability for an administrator to select a Rascal proposal as a Parent when creating a child proposal, regardless of whether the individual was listed on the original proposal

As a reminder, Parent records include New, Competitive Renewal, and Transfer In proposals. Child records include Non-competing Continuations, Supplemental Requests, and Cost Extensions. Administrators with access to the Rascal PT departmental reports can also see all parent proposals in their departments. There are two ways to provide administrators with this access:

  • The department dean or chair can send an email to [email protected] with a listing of the different departments codes the administrator needs access to in Rascal PT, plus the UNI and name of the administrator needing access.

Note in both cases every department code in the department hierarchy needs to be provided. Administrators can assist deans or chairs in completing the form (however, it must be submitted by the dean or chair), or administrators can create an email listing all the department codes, route the email to the dean or chair for approval, and send back to [email protected].

  1. Budget: Refresh Award Information
    There may be times when you are unable to select the appropriate Budget Period on the Rascal Budget screen when creating a child proposal. The most common scenario is preparing a Rascal PT request for a Non-competitive Continuation for an inbound subaward where the subsequent budget period is not available for selection.  In these situations, you should:
    1. Explain the issues with the Budget Screen to the SPA Project Officer. Be sure to include the Rascal PT number of the child proposal. SPA will then make edits to the awarded budget.
    2. Once SPA has updated the awarded budget, the SPA Project Officer will instruct you to go back into the Rascal PT record and click “Refresh Award Information”, a new button on the Budget Screen that will refresh the screen with new awarded budget information.
    3. The Budget Screen will reflect the changes in order to proceed completing the information on the screen.

For questions concerning these new procedures, please reach out to your SPA Project Officer. All Rascal PT training materials and job aids are posted on our dedicated webpage, Rascal Proposal Tracking (PT).

October 27, 2023