Notice to Employees

Standards for Protection Against Radiation

The transfer, receipt, possession or use of all sources of ionizing radiation in the City of New York is controlled by the applicable rules, regulations and orders of either the New York State Departments of Labor or the New York City Department of Health. These agencies require either the registration or licensing of all significant radiation sources and they require your employer to post or otherwise make available to you a copy of the applicable regulations, license and registration and the operating procedures applying to the work in which you are engaged and to explain relevant provisions to you. These documents are made available in the office of the Radiation Safety Officer or from the licensee.

Chief Radiation Safety Officer - Peter Caracappa
Licensee - Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center

The applicable regulation in this installation is 24 RC NY Article 175.

Your Responsibility as a Worker

You should familiarize yourself with the provisions of the New York City Health Code and your radioactive materials license and the operating procedures which apply to the work in which you are engaged. You should observe these provisions for your own protection and the protection of your co-workers.

What is covered by these Regulations?

1 . Limits on exposure to radiation and radioactive material in controlled and uncontrolled areas;
2. Measures to be taken after accidental exposure;
3. Personnel monitoring, surveys and equipment;
4. Caution signs, labels, and safety interlock equipment
5. Exposure records and reports; and
6. Related matters.

Reports on your exposure to Radiation

If you work where personnel monitoring equipment is required the New York City Department of Health requires your employer to provide you, upon request, a written report of your exposure to radiation both annually and at the time that you terminate employment.


All activities licensed or registered with the New York City Department of Health are subject to inspection. Any notice of violation involving radiological working conditions, any proposed imposition of civil penalty or order issued pursuant to the provisions of the New York City Health Code and any response from the licensee shall be posted within two (2) days after the receipt of the documents from the Department.

The licensee's response if any, shall be posted within two (2) working days after dispatch from the licensee. Such documents shall remain posted for a minimum of five (5) working days or until the action correcting the violation has been completed, whichever is later.


Inquiries dealing with matters outlined above can be directed to,

Bureau of Radiological Health
42-09 28th Street, 14th Floor, CN #60
Long Island City, New York 11101
Fax: (212) 676-1548
Telephone: (347) 396-6000