Radiation Safety Dosimetry Program

The Columbia University dosimetry program provides radiation monitoring services for various radiation workers and x-ray users within Columbia University Morningside Campus, Columbia University Irving Medical Center Campus, New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York Presbyterian Hospital, College of Dental Medicine and the Lasker Building. Our goal is to maintain all workers’ radiation exposures As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA). Some of the services the dosimetry program provides include: scheduled trainings, in-service refresher trainings, monitoring during pregnancy, and access to exposure histories. Please view our links listed below. 

Dosimeter Application Form Link

In order to maintain our goal, we request that all dosimetry program participants wear their badges as instructed and return their dosimeters within 14 business days of the end of each wear period (this date is printed on the face of all dosimeters).

Dosimetry Reports
Effective April 2018, Landauer, the company that provides Columbia University’s dosimeter badges and reports, has transitioned to a paperless reporting system. All dosimetry reports are available online at www.myLDR.com. These reports will continue to be reviewed by Radiation Safety. Each Principal Investigator, laboratory manager, dosimetry coordinator, and/or designated individuals will receive login information for the Landauer website to access their group’s dosimetry records. Any individual issued a dosimeter badge can login to the Landauer website and view their own radiation dose history following the directional guide: Individual Dose Instructions

Return all dosimetry badges to:
Radiation Safety – CUIMC 630 West 168 Street, EH&S, Mail Code: 70, New York, NY 10032

Dosimetry Badge Instructions

  • Attend radiation safety training prior to requesting a badge. Please.
  • Initial training must be completed before you receive your badge and refresher training must be completed annually afterwards.  For initial training:
    • Non-Human Use (animal care, researchers, irradiation, etc.): Complete Rascal course TC1750, and then register for the Lion Data base RAM module training.
    • Human-Use (Columbia Doctors,  NYPH workers, human subject research, etc.) please click on the following  link for the Radiation Safety Clinical Video training: Radiation Safety Clinical Video Training. Embedded QR codes: must be used to complete the Dosimeter Application Form and to certify the completion of the video and get credit for this training.
  • Pick-up new dosimetry badges ONLY after attending the radiation safety training and completing the RASCAL post-test online.
  • Return all dosimetry badges on a timely basis. In order to properly monitor occupational exposure as well as prevent late charges, badges must be returned within 14 business days after the end of the wear period. Note: Wear end dates are printed on all badges below your name.
  • Report all lost badges to the Radiation Safety Office by providing the Employee Changes & Cancellations form.
  • Always indicate deletions on the packing list that is enclosed with the badges.
  • Inform Radiation Safety when there are any badge coordinator changes.
  • If you are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you are encouraged to declare your pregnancy to the Radiation Safety Office. Declaration of pregnancy is voluntary and will be kept confidential. To schedule an appointment, please contact the Radiation Safety Office at (212) 305-0303.
  • Do not share dosimetry badges.
  • Do not discard any dosimetry badges.
  • Do not use your dosimetry badge at another institution and do not wear a badge from elsewhere while at Columbia University.
  • Do not tamper with dosimetry badges.
  • Do not mail dosimetry badges directly to the badge company; all badges are to be returned to the Radiation Safety Office.
  • Do not make any change requests to the badge company; all changes must be communicated directly to the Radiation Safety Office.
  • Do not return used badges enclosed in the original clear wrap package, used badges should be out of package. If badges are unused they should remain in their original clear wrap package.
  • Do not return your badge holder.  If a badge holder is lost, you may request a new one by contacting the Radiation Safety Office.

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