Human Research Radiation Safety

Any research study involving human subjects that will use ionizing radiation must be approved by the Joint Radiation Safety Committee (JRSC) prior to enrolling subjects if the use of radiation goes beyond that established for the applicable standard of care. Studies using radiation can fall into three general categories:

  • Studies using radionuclides
  • Studies using radiographic or therapeutic radiation such as x-rays (including mammograms, DEXA scans and dental scans), CT scans, radiotherapy (including brachytherapy) and fluoroscopy (including cardiac catheterization) 
  • Studies using radiopharmaceuticals

A study may use more than one form of radiation in different procedures under that study.

There are a limited number of basic research studies using radiopharmaceuticals that may be conducted under the auspices of the Columbia University Radioactive Drug Research Committee (RDRC).


Please have everyone in your department receiving a Dosimetry Badge take the Rascal test online.


  • Go to the RASCAL website,
  • On the right hand side, under Login, choose "Training Center" module.
    • User: Your Columbia Email ID/UNI
    • Password: Your email password
    • Click "Log on."
  • When in RASCAL click the link "Safety Courses".
  • Go to Medical Center Courses.
  • Click the link titled "Radiation Safety Training" (TC1750).
  • On the left hand side of screen, click on "Take Test".
  • When the test has been completed, print TWO certificates
    • One copy should be submitted to the Radiation Safety Office at:

      601 West 168th Street
      Suite 56
      New York, NY 10032
      Phone: (212) 305-0303
      Email it to [email protected].
    • Please keep the other copy for your records.


Everyone taking this test SHOULD have attended the Radiation Safety lecture training. Yearly refresher trainings are REQUIRED. For training schedule please call Radiation Safety office at (212) 305-0303.

Technical difficulties? Please contact RASCAL
Email: [email protected]   |   Helpline: (212) 851-0213

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