Policy List A-Z


Academic Machine Shop Safety
All-About-Monday Rounds
Application to Use Radioactive Materials
Approval of Physicians to Use or Prescribe Radioactive Materials for Diagnosis and/or Therapy
Autoclave and Automated Equipment Washer Safety Awareness


Ballasts: Handling, Storage and Disposal
Battery: Collection, Storage and Shipping
Bioassay for Intake of Radioactive Materials
Biological Materials Shipping Manual
Biological Spills
Biosafety Cabinets
Biosafety Levels and Risk Assessment
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control
Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan


Chemical Fume Hood Maintenance, Repair and Certification
Chemical Fume Hood Use in Laboratories
Chemical Hygiene Plan
Clearance for Radiation Shielding
Compressed Gas Safety
Computers and Electronic Equipment, Collection and Storage
Consulting Physicists
Controlled Substances in Research
Cyanide Safe Use


Disposal of Specific Articles Containing Radioactive Material (RAM)
Drain Disposal
Drain Disposal of Decayed Radioactive Aqueous Waste


Electronic Waste Disposal
Entry Survey for Laboratories Using Radioactive Materials
Equipment Clearance (Laboratory)
Ethidium Bromide Disposal, Decontamination and Destruction
Extramural Shipment of RAM from/to Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Eyewash/Emergency Shower (Provision, Use and Maintenance)


Fluorescence-Activated Cell Sorting (FACS)
Formaldehyde Exposure Control Plan
Fume Hood Certification


Handling Procedures for Deceased Patients Containing Radioactive Materials
Handling Procedures for the Use of Nanodot Dosimeters for Patient Holding Purposes
Hazard Communication
Human Research with Radiation – Annual Report
Hydrofluoric Acid


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) and Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Isoflurane, Use in Animal Protocols


JRSC Guidelines


Laboratory Glassware Collection and Disposal
Laboratory Surveys when Working with Radioactive Materials
Lamps, Collection and Storage
Laser Safety
Laboratory Disposal Guide (Medical Center)
Laboratory Disposal Guide (Morningside)
Liquid Scintillation Counter Disposal
Loan and Transfer of Radioactive Materials


Mail Handling Procedures for Suspicious Packages
Mixed Waste
Monitoring and Surveying When Working With Unsealed Radioactive Materials in the Clinic


Nitrous Oxide Exposure Monitoring


Oils, Collection and Storage
Opening RAM packages in Clinical Areas
Osmium Tetroxide Handling
Oxygen Deficiency Response


Paint and Paint Related Waste, Collection, Storage and Disposal
Personal Protective Equipment
Planned Special Exposures
Pyrophoric Materials


Quality Assurance Programs for Diagnostic Radiology Facilities


Radiological Surveillance during Cyclotron/Radiochemistry Lab Ventilation Filter Removal and Replacement
Radiation Monitoring Equipment
Radiation Protection Policy for Pregnant Workers
Radiation Protection Surveys in Clinical Areas
Radiation Safety Reference Material
Radiation Spill Response Guide
Radioactive Waste Guidelines
Radioactive Waste Management at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory
Radioactive Waste Management at Nevis Laboratories
Radioactive Waste Surveys in Research Laboratories
RDRC Guidelines
Receipt and Opening of RAM Packages
Recombinant DNA
Regulated Medical Waste
Respiratory Protection


Safe Use of Radiation Equipment for Non-Human Use
Safe Use of Radioactive Materials (RAM)
Safe Use of Radiopharmaceuticals
Safe Use of Sealed Radioactive Sources
Select Agent
Shutting Down a Radioactive Materials Laboratory
Signage in Radioactive Material Laboratories
Silver Management for Wet Chemistry Photo Processing
Spill Control Kit
Spills of Radioactive Materials – Emergency Procedures
Sterno Fuel Use Guidelines
Surgery of Patient with Therapeutic Amounts of Radioactive Material


Toxins; Biological
Training for Individuals Occupationally Exposed to Ionizing Radiation
Training – Laboratory Safety
Training for Unescorted Access to Irradiators
Tritium Assay in Liquids Using Liquid Scintillation Counting


Ultraviolet Radiation Safety
Unattended Laboratory Operations
Unescorted Access Guidelines
Universal Waste Management
Unknown Chemicals
Use of Radioactivity in Animals


Vacating a Laboratory
Visitors, Volunteers and Trainees (Short-Term)


Waste Services Guide For Radioactive Materials Management at CUMC and MS
Water Intrusion
Working with Radioactive Materials in Clinical Areas – Documentation