Approval of Physicians to Use or Prescribe Radioactive Materials for Diagnosis and/or Therapy


The purpose of this section is to promulgate procedures for evaluating the credentials of physicians who wish to use or prescribe radioactive materials for diagnosis and/or therapy. Any physician who intends to use or prescribe the use of radioactive materials for diagnosis or therapy must be approved by the Joint Radiation Safety Committee as an Authorized User. Authorized users involved in the medical use of radioactive materials have the following special responsibilities:

  1. Examination of a patient and medical records to determine if a radiation procedure is appropriate,
  2. Prescription of  the radiation dose and how it is to be administered,
  3. Actual use of, or direction of other paramedical personnel in the use of radioactive materials; and
  4. Interpretation results of diagnostic procedures and evaluation results of therapy procedures.


  1. Physicians may be approved as authorized users for one or more of the following methods
    • Uptake, dilution, or excretion studies
    • Imaging and localization studies
    • Therapeutic use of radiopharmaceuticals or radiobiologics
    • Therapeutic use of brachytherapy sources
    • Ophthalmic use of strontium-90
    • Sealed sources for diagnosis
    • Teletherapy
  2. The following documents to the Chief Radiation Safety Officer should be submitted for the application review:
    • Copy of the updated Curriculum Vitae
    • Copy of the current New York State Medical License and Registration
    • Copy of Board Certification (if applicable)
    • Proof of training (if applicable)
    • Completed NRC 313 Form

NRC 313 Form for the applicable requested privileges can be found below:

  1. If a physician has been previously authorized for medical use and wants to use only material permitted by a previous license issued by New York City Health Department Bureau of Radiological Health, agreement state, or U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, submit a copy of the license on which the physician was specifically named as an authorized user.
  2. Physicians not previously authorized by New York City Health Department Bureau of Radiological Health or other licensing agency and not board certified must submit a complete description of their training and experience.
  3. The Chief Radiation Safety Officer shall review the application materials submitted and make recommendation to the Chairman of the Joint Radiation Safety Committee regarding approval of the application. Interim approval may be granted based on the materials submitted. The Chair will submit the physician’s credentials to the Joint Radiation Safety Committee for final approval.

For any questions regarding your application, please contact the Chief Radiation Safety Officer at (212) 305-0303 or [email protected].


  1. 10 CFR Part 35 Medical Use Byproduct Material