Telemedicine in Neuro-Oncology: An Evaluation of Costs, Quality and Barriers to Delivery

Mary Welch, Assistant Professor of Neurology, Columbia University Medical Center Division of Neuro-Oncology

This project has several aims:
1) To quantify the time costs to patients, staff, and faculty of the transition to telemedicine by surveys as well as through review of EPIC metrics, email and call volume.
2) To evaluate the quality of the telemedicine experience for both patients and providers by means of surveys. Objective measures available through EPIC such as % of video visits that began on time, finished on time will also be assessed
3) To determine what barriers our patients faced in implementing telemedicine including lack of internet provider, necessary equipment, technical know-how, cognitive ability to carry out instructions, absence of a caregiver to help with technological know-how, etc.