Lead Aprons

Lead aprons are a protective layer of lead worn over the body in order to shield X-rays from penetrating the body. Lead aprons can absorb up to about 95% of any scatter x-rays that may be interacting with the wearer.

Lead aprons are to be worn by anyone who is within 6 feet of an active x-ray beam, or in a procedure room where radiographic or fluoroscopic imaging is being used. If within 3 feet, an accompanying lead thyroid shield must also be worn.

Anyone wearing a lead apron must also have a dosimeter badge. The dosimeter must be worn on the outside of the lead apron in order for accurate dose estimates to be made by Radiation Safety.

Also, do not store your dosimeter on the lead aprons themselves to avoid other people borrowing lead aprons from bringing your dosimeter into a procedure room.

After using a lead apron, make sure to hang the apron so that it is not creased to avoid damage to the lead. Do not store the aprons folded or crinkled on a counter or table. This can cause cracks in the lead and can compromise the effectiveness of the apron.