EH&S COVID-19 Guidance

Welcome to the Columbia University EH&S COVID-19 Hub.  Please check back often for updated information as the circumstances of the public health situation and the University’s response change.

EH&S Service Updates

EH&S’ team of safety professionals is working on-site, in rotations Monday – Friday during normal business hours at the Morningside, Manhattanville and CUIMC campuses.  Our office can be reached via all normal phone and email channels.

In addition, all EH&S staff are available via email and phone to help support your laboratory regardless of whether your research operations are temporarily closed, in “maintenance” mode, or operational and continuing to perform essential research. Waste management services are still available – albeit on a modified schedule to account for the reduction in research activity – and EH&S will be actively working to ensure that your laboratory is prepared to resume research activities as soon as the University is ready to return to normal operations. 

Finally, please note, when laboratory personnel are on-site, personnel are strongly advised to adhere to social distancing requirements and other advisories to limit the spread of COVID-19  (

EH&S is here for the Columbia University research community, and look forward to working with you, whether on-site or remotely.

EH&S’s Biosafety Program is providing active support of COVID-19 research, including discussion with researchers about proposed work, and review and approval of Rascal Appendix A submissions.  The Institutional Biological Safety Committee (IBC) meets regularly to review and approve such research. 

Please see the link below, under “Advisories and FAQs” to submit a request to perform COVID-related research. 

EH&S wishes to sincerely thank all laboratories for the orderly and efficient ramp down of research operations in accordance with University requirements.  If your laboratory has now completed any work that may have extended beyond the March 19, 2020 deadline, the ramp down checklist is a useful guide to safely preparing to close the lab.


The Fact Sheets linked below have been created to provide concise information to the Columbia University community on important topics related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Please feel free to print and post applicable Fact Sheets in your workspace, and distribute, as needed.

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